Inspired by Umbra’s Garbino Trash Can, Orba uses mixed materials and a smoked finish for an eye-catching curtain rod design. Designed during my internship at Umbra in summer 2020 and is currently sold at Umbra and global retailers.

In Production
Designed at Umbra
Project in collaboration with
Erica Stevens

Beyond the Garbino trash bin, this finial design also took inspiration from ceramic wares and the unique Pixie Cup Lichen - a cup like fungi that holds on to water droplets, creating a orb like form.

The Garbino’s tapered curves allow the profile to continue, creating an uninterrupted form that encapsulates the orb. Made of steel and resin, this curtain rod is durable while remaining attractive in design.

Avalible at Umbra.com and international retailers where Umbra products are sold

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