Lexus Design School Challenge

Tessellate is an art installation developed to accentuate the bold, contemporary design of the all-new Lexus UX. Weaving together are multiple strands of ribbon, creating a spellbinding mesh pattern that appears different from every angle. This installation, part of a nationwide student competition was hosted by Lexus Canada and Lumency Inc. Tessellate was the winning concept and was built for the 2019 Vancouver Autoshow. Project collaboration - Jun Won Kim



Inspirations for the display came from various sources, notably the striking pattern of Lexus’s signature spindle grille, the futuristic woven leather seats found on the original UX concept, Lexus's Japanese roots, as well as the glass and steel facades that encompasses urban architecture, capturing the dynamic spirit of the Lexus UX, an SUV designed for the modern urban explorer.

Concept Ideation

Part of the concept development, we developed sketches to explore and define abstract ideas, collaborating together to discuss which aspects of the design to move forward with.

To help finalize the display concept, we developed scaled models to help determine the feasibility of each idea as well as resolving the ribbon's thickness, pitch, position, and quantity. The models proved essential in understanding how many strands was most effective without compromising on aesthetic.

Using the scaled models as reference, we’ve developed a full size CAD model which then with Photoshop, the Lexus UX was augmented into the renders.


In exploration of different colour, material and finishes, we settled with blue and purple ribbons that would ultimately extenuate a feeling of luxury and a display a 'おもてなし' (omotenashi), a sense of welcoming and hospitality that is rooted in Lexus's philosophy and culture.

Social Media Interactions

To increase engagement with attendees, we incorporated a number of dedicated areas marked by footprint decals surrounding the display promoting interaction with the display’s breathtaking angles. Here, guests are encouraged to create their own definition of luxury by taking and sharing photos on social media platforms with hashtags to promote the Lexus brand and the vehicle.

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